Conjugue os advérbios e os adjetivos preenchendo o espaço:

1. He is a  boy. (clever)

2. He is tired because he has worked . (hard)

3. He isn’t tired because he has  worked. (hard)

4. She is a  girl. (quiet)

5. She went to bed . (quiet)

6. He is not a good student but he writes . (good)

7. You should speak more . (soft)

8. The children behaved . (bad)

9. The brave men fought . (brave)

10. They lived together . (happy)

11. She looks . (pretty)

12. That milk tastes . (sour)

13. I don’t know  where they live. (exact)

14. She turned . (pale)

15. This brown fur feels . (soft)

16. These children are  at English. (good)

17. Your brother  works at all. (hard)

18. Ann  had an accident last Sunday. (near)

19. Have you been to the cinema . (late)

20. Mary always dresses . (beautiful)

21. Yes, it was raining  for two hours. (heavy)

22. He has painted it . (nice)

23. What a  worker he is! (quick)

24. He is always very . (polite)

25. He is often . (nervous)

26. Arthur  rode back to the inn. (quick)

27. They saw a  butterfly on a rose. (beautiful)

28. When the teacher heard about the missing book he said  :"You should be more careful." (angry)

29. When he told him the truth, he was . (quiet)

30. "This wound looks ", the doctor said. (bad)

31. The boys played so  that they won the tournament. (good)

32. He was so busy with his new computer that he  had time to help his mother. (hard)

33. "Go and have a rest. You shouldn’t work so ." (hard)

34. From the top of the mountain he could see  across the countryside. (far)

35. What a  picture! (beautiful)

36. Arthur fought  and they won the battle. (good)

37. "I love you", Camilla said in a  voice. (soft)

38. The maid shut the door . (quiet)

39. They could hear a  cry. (terrible)

40. Suddenly he woke up because the phone rang . (loud)

41. Jane opened the door . (careful)

42. I like driving . (fast)

43. She spoke to me very . (soft)

44. Paul lay in bed . (quiet)

45. He tasted the various kinds of tea . (careful)  


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