Complete com verbo to be "Am, Is ou Are".

1. She  in the house.

2. The dog and the cat  in the garden.

3. The woman  behind a tree.

4. I  Kevin.

5. Carol and I  friends.

6. It  black.

7. My name  Bob.

8. They  nice girls.

9. The children  in the shop.

10. He  a teacher.

11. We  hungry.

12. Mrs Dixon  funny and nice.

13. I  twelve years old.

14. Jim and Cathy  at school.

15. The elephants  tired.

16. Mr Cooper  in the house.

17. The dog and the cat  in the garden.

18. The woman  behind a tree.

19. Peter  a clever boy.

20. I  Kevin.

21. Mr Baker and I  friends.

22. It  time for dinner.

23. My name  Caroline.

24. My rabbit and my cat  friends.

25. They  very nice animals.

26. Dog food  also good for cats. 

27. The children  in the garden. 

28. He  a teacher.

29. Mrs Dixon  funny and nice.

30. I  ten years old.