Exercício com pronomes


Fill in me, you, him, her, it, us, you and them.

1. Who is that woman? Why are you looking at ?

2. Do you know that man? Yes, I work with .

3. I am talking to you. Please listen to .

4. These photos are nice. Do you want to look at ?

5. I like that camera. I am going to buy .

6. I don't know Peter's girl friend. Do you know ?

7. Where are the tickets? I can't find .

8. We are going to the disco. Can you come with ?

9. I don't like dogs. I'm afraid of .

10. Where is she? I want to talk to .

11. Those apples are bad. Don't eat !

12. I don't know this girl. Do you know ?

13. Alan never drinks milk. He doesn't like .

14. Where are the children? Have you seen ?

15. I can't find my pencil. Can you give one to ?

16. I want those books. Please give  to .

17. He wants the key. Please give  to .

18. Carol wants the keys. Please give  to .

19. I want the letter. Please give  to .

20. They want the money. Please give  to .

21. We like to see the photos. Please show  to .

22. Mr Hoskins wants to read the newspaper. Please give  to .

23. Sam wants the rubber. Please give  to .

24. Your mother needs the camera. Please give  to .

25. My friends want to see your dogs. Please show  to .

26. I want to see your test. Please show  to .

27. We don't know your phone number. Please give  to .

28. John can't do his homework. Can you help ?

29. We don't know the way to the church. Can you help ?

30. I can't find my books. Can you see ?

31. John, can you come to ?

32. This pen is for Mary. Give it to .

33. I need help. Please, help .

34. The boys are playing football. Give  the ball.

35. We are hungry. Bring  the sandwiches, please.

36. Father is in the living room. Bring  the book.

37. These flowers are a present for mother. Please, give  to .

38. I cannot help , Betty. I have other work to do.

39. My friend Susan lives in London. This is a postcard from .

40. The children are thirsty. Give  a glass of water.

41. This letter is for father. Give  to .

42. My parents are very nice. They always help  with my homework.

43. My friend Tom lives in London. This is a parcel from .
44. I'm sorry, I can't tell  what happened.

45. The children are hungry. Give  an apple.

46. We are thirsty. Can you give  some juice?

47. Jack is in the garden. Bring  his football.

48. Ann and Paul can't do their homework. Can you help ?

49. I can't help  tomorrow. I must visit my aunt.

50. These clothes are for poor children. Can you bring  to the Red Cross?

51. This cake is for Carol and me. Please give  to .

52. The roses are for mother. Please give  to .

53. Where is father? Can you tell  where he is?

54. Where is the mouse? I can't see .

55. Where is the post office? Can you tell  where it is?

56. What's your telephone number? I don't know .

57. Our brother is very nice. He always helps  with the homework.

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