Hi, everyone! Vocês estam prontos para mais uma dica? Eu espero que sim! Bom, nesta aula eu fiz um grande podcast, o nosso objetivo será praticarmos 3 partes:

1° ouvir e repetir as palavras.

2° traduzir todo o texto.

3° separar todas as palavras novas em um caderno.

My interesting story

That blond boy has me feeling sad and angry. In fact, for some days I have been disappointed with him because he is jealous. I’m a workmate with his girlfriend. But he thinks different of me. OK, I know what to do! I’m going to let him feel ashamed when I get near him with my girlfriend. It will be cool! Sorry, if I have been a bad boy. Once he broke into my car, and when the police spoke with him, he told them “I am not guilty”. It was lie. I have been terrified about what he told them. I always ask myself if I can be happy. One day I’ll be happy again! I will think in my mother because she pleased me everyday. Now, I am so surprised and you will be too. Do you know why? This boy is my cousin. Yeah, he is my cousin. I’m not excited about this news. Just sadness, sadness and sadness. When I was child, we were friends. I remember when he asked for something to eat. He was thirsty and hungry and I helped him. I think that’s very nice of me. I am so proud by myself. I have been fed up about this subject and bored too. What can I do God? Help me God! If you were me, you’d be worried, nervous, sad and tired.
 Thanks to listen to podcast, Bye!