WIFE SWAP is a reality T.V show wherein two different families with two different lifestyles will exchange husbands or wives. In this case, the family of Joy (the girl) has a well-disciplined, organized and healthy family. While the family of Curtis (the boy) is living a not healthy and not proper lives. What they did is they placed Joy in the family of Curtis and then they placed the Mom of Curtis in the family of Joy.  (I hope all of you understand it right) :) 


         Actually, I've already given you the most specific explanation that I could give but I would still try the best that I could to explain it to you :D 

Joy: "I need you guys to help me in the kitchen to fill this..." It means that Joy is asking the family of Curtis to throw out the "not needed" and "not good for the body foods" into the buckets (because as you can see the family of Curtis is eating unhealthy and fattening foods like bacon, cheese, canned foods, processed foods...etc.)
Father: "we can do it..."  I hope you undertsand this one :)
Curtis: "I don't want this "crap?" I think this means that Curtis doesn't want to do what Joy is asking them to do.
Joy: "definitely no cheese in the can..." It means that Joy doesn't want food that is processed. Like for example that cheese in the can because it's not real food, it's not healthy.

Joy: "very happy to be throwing this away..." ( I hope I don't have to explain this one again! :D )

Father: "bacon?..." (just one simple asking)
Curtis: "No, I want my bacon, I've got a taste on it. Bacon is good for me!..." It means that Curtis doesn't want Joy to take out his food (the bacon). When Curtis said "i've got a taste on it" it meant that it is his favorite food, he always eat his favorite bacon that's why he said it is good for him.

Curtis: "This is very mean..."   It MEANS could also be defined as BAD or CRUEL

Father: "We'll be going to the grocery store..."  It means they have to do shopping again because there would be no food anymore left on their refrigerator because Joy would throw it all out in the bucket.
Curtis: "She thinks out of the blue she's a smart little girl that she can do  whatever she wants. No, that's not how she can do it in our familyShe's not like she's the queen and we're the sorry people..." ("out of the blue" means unexpectedly, suddenly, from nowhere...) So Joy just come to their house then suddenly taking over their lives, commanding them to do this and to do that. Curtis doesn't want his family to just follow whatever rules Joy wants.

Curtis: " Joy, I have been nice to you but now I'm coming to the edge..." ( I've already expalined this one :D )
Joy: I'll promisse you one thing, ok? If you do not have at least one food that you'd like I will buy you a piece of junk. Is that a deal? It means that Joy has asked or gave Curtis an agreement that if Curtis will not find any food that Joy will give or cook for him then she will buy Curtis his favorite foods (which is junk foods like those bacon because they are processed)
Curtis: "No, I keep losing at deals and I don't wanna make a deal any more. I am leaving, and you can't stop me, and I'm packing my bags."
I understood, Curtis is so angry that he cannot stand it anymore. Curtis so full of what has Joy is doing in the lives of his family.
Curtis: "I had a very, very calm day until this. A bump in the road comes and she's being sarcastic."  I've explained this one too

Joy: "Curtis!"... just his name

Curtis; "I won't be coming back until Saturday when you leave" So Curtis he won't come back until Joy leaves his house on Saturday.
Curtis: " She's gonna try and stop me, but she can't run in those little high heels. It means that Joy wouldn't stop Curtis from leaving, she can't beg or request Curtis to stay in the house and Curtis threatened or warned Joy that she will not see Curtis in the house again.

Curtis: you'll never see this face again."

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