Gramática: Atividade

Respostas curtas: Presente contínuo – Presente simples

Leia cada pergunta e selecione a resposta.


1.Laura: Do you have class today?
Emi: Yes, _________.

I am
I do
it is

2.Laura: When __________ class start
Emi: At 8:30.


3.Laura: Is Maggie studying in her room?
Emi: No, __________. She's in the kitchen.

she isn't
she doesn't

4.Laura: What's she eating?
Emi: __________________.

In the kitchen
Eggs and toast
Yes, she is

5.Laura: Are Paul and Frankie having breakfast too? 
Emi: No, _____________.

they don't
he isn't
they aren't

6.Laura: Do you want some breakfast? 
Emi: No, ___________ need breakfast. I'm late. Bye!

it isn't
I don't
we aren't