Hi guys, it's me again!

And I hope you are willing to more one lesson about "Speak-Listen". Yeah, Speak-Listen again. So, today I'm going to speak about some video that I found on YouTube, I believe the kids will like all the videos, but don't feel sad, because these videos will be helpful for all of you too. Ok, let's begin with "ABC Song".

Yeah, it was awesome! But in the next video, you will laugh a lot. I'm sure! It is called of "Phonetic song" and you will learn the phonetic of the lyrics. Listen to the song and watch like is fun the video.



Did you think this video fun? If you answered "yes". So you will think funniest than another one. Check out to the "Go Gorilla".



It was really fun this video! Let's go to our fourth video called "Red rabbit and the Green Gorilla". Enjoy it!



Yeah, all videos were awesome, I learned a lot with each video. About you? What a pity that it's finishing! The last video is "The Big Numbers". You will learn to count and sing the numbers. See, it's so easy!






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